DIY DJ Pick Up & Return Requirements

In order to pick-up & return a system you MUST provide all of the following:

1. Your current physical home address (no P.O. Boxes) 
2. A copy of your valid driver’s license (you must be at least 18) 
3. Your home phone number and/or cell phone number 
4. Your e-mail address 
5. Vehicle license plate number that will be transporting the equipment 
6. Proof of current and valid automobile insurance 
7. What you intend to use the rental for 
8. Names of location or locations where the equipment will be used

VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE CAREFULLY READ! If we do not have all of the above, or you cannot provide all of the above at pick up, then we will not release the system under any circumstance! Also, we absolutely do not allow transportation of our equipment in the bed of a pick up truck unless the bed has full rubber insulated padding and has a fully waterproof covering. If you come in a pick up truck that is not as described, we will not release the equipment unless it properly fits in the interior of the truck.

We will need to make copies of your valid drivers license, automobile insurance card, and will take your license plate number when you pick up the system. Everything else we will need in advance of the pick up for contract purposes. The basic terms of our contract agreement are described in the paragraphs that follow.                                               


1.  You will be financially responsible for any clear and obvious negligent damage to our equipment, such as a drink spilled on the console, a piece of equipment dropped, your dog, cat or other pet causing damage during the process of storing the equipment, and/or any other damage caused to our equipment, whether from accident, abuse, carelessness or by your children. If you damage the equipment during transportation, or if any of it is stolen prior to it being returned, you are 100% responsible for the repair or replacement cost.  You are also responsible for damage due to weather if the equipment is to be set up outdoors. It is advised that you have some type of alternative protection or covering in the event of inclement weather. If the system gets wet, you are responsible for any damage it causes. You will not be responsible for regular wear and tear damage, such as a blown speaker or amplifier, unless it is clearly grouse abuse of the rental.

2. Our systems are absolutely not to be used for karaoke purposes of any kind. We do not provide karaoke systems.

3.  You agree that we are not responsible for accidents or injuries to you, or anyone else, during the transport of this equipment.  You must show proof of your current automobile insurance before taking the system. If you are not in reasonably good physical condition then we recommend having us set the system up for you.

4.  You agree that we are not responsible for any accidents or injuries that could occur to you, any guests or workers in attendance where the equipment is being used.  You agree to read and follow our specific set up guidelines, per the system you rent, to ensure a secure and safe set-up for you, your guests and workers. You agree that the equipment will be set up in a safe and designated area away from the direct traffic flow of guests and workers.

5.  You agree to return the system exactly as you received it, with all components and extras, by the time stated in the agreement.  You understand that failure to return everything provided in the rental, or failure to return it on time, will result in additional charges to you.  Our contract agreement-attachment will specify the exact equipment of ours you are taking with you.  You must read, understand, and sign the attachment before taking the equipment. You will receive a copy of both the contract and attachment for your records.

If you have additional questions about any of the terms enclosed on this page please call us at (636) 220-6590 or e-mail us from the "Contact Us" page.