• compact mixer
    Compact console with 4-channel mixer, power strip and Crown amplifier
  • PV PR 15 Speakers
    Great quality Peavey PR15 speakers
  • cables hook ups to play your music
    Direct and easy hook ups for your iPod, laptop, iPhone, CD player, tape deck or turntable
  • lighting controllers and and stand
    9-foot light stand and lighting controllers
  • stands and cables
    Speaker stands and speaker cables
  • mic
    A high quality wired microphone
  • LED lights with special effects
    4-dance floor color wash lights with an LED mirror ball effect and an LED multi-pattern/color effect
  • fog machine add-on option
    Add a 900 watt fog machine for $20.00
  • wireless mic add-on option
    Add a quality VHF wireless microphone for $10.00
  • dual cd player add-on option
    Add a dual CD player to the console for $15.00
  • set-up table
    Add a 4-foot table for equipment set up for $10.00