live ceremony PACKAGE
  • PEavey 6 channel premium mixer
    A 300 watt 6-channel premium powered mixer with effects, reverb and a music media inputs. Instrument inputs are 1/4" or XLR
  • 2 peavey PR-12 speakers
    2 Peavey 12" 2-way speakers
  • Speaker stands and cables.

  • Mic options
    1 excellent grade 64 channel UHF wireless microphone in your choice of handheld, lapel or headset & body pack
  • PG-48 mic, cable, and stand
    1 excellent grade ShureSM48 microphone, stand & 35'cable
  • Sony CD Plaery Add-on
    $10.00 to add a Sony CD player
  • 4 ft equipment table
    $10.00 to add a 4-foot equipment table
  • SM58 Wired Mic
    Add Mics, Stands & Cables
    $10.00 per Shure SM48
  • wireless mic add-on option
    $20.00 each to add another premium UHF wireless mic.
  • Musician Monitor
    $30.00 each to add an SA (12"/2-way) musician monitor